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Thank you can't begin to express our gratitude for the compassion, concern, and care our dad received during his last days by everyone at Brooke Haven.
You were all wonderful at making sure he was comfortable as well as his entire family.
Thank you for being the angels we all needed at our most difficult time. It's never easy letting go but when your loved one receives such great care it becomes bareable.
On behalf of Harry Joe McKee's family we want all of you at Brooke Haven to know how much you were all appreciated.
God bless you all.

McKee Family

Dear Ms. Smith,
My dear little mother, Jeanette Fredrickson, was in your facility's care for about 3 years, and passed away april 13th of this year.
I just want to compliment the staff for the good care they took of her.
Whenever we visited my mother, she was always clean and her hair fixed in a cute way. She was treated so well and we were never concerned about her well-being.
Thank you so much.

Joan Wilkinson

A special thanks to all your staff for your warm, helpful care for Elila Redurn (410) and for your caring support for her and her family. We sincerely appreciate all you did.

Bob and Martha Anderson and family

Thank you for allowing the Riverway Hospice volunteers to meet at your facility Monday evening. Everyone enjoyed the tour as well as the food. You have a beautiful facility and should be very proud of your companies accomplishments. Thank you once again.

Terri Law, Special Services Coordinator

Couldn't never ask for better care and treatment that you all have given Bill. Consider you all a home away from home. Glad to made many more new friends.


Thanks so much for the good care that my mother, Annabelle Lawrence, is receiving.


Selfless, Compassionate, and Committed